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What is the Trans Advice Column?

Updated: Mar 13

In the course of our work promoting gender inclusion in the workplace, and also as trans people existing in the world, the authors come across a lot of questions about trans and gender diverse topics. Often, these come from people who aren't sure who to ask, like other trans folks trying to navigate professional settings, or people with questions about gender and respectful language. This blog is intended to be a place where these sorts of questions get answered without judgment.

See the FAQ for details on who can ask questions and what kind of topics we're open to covering. Short version: Anyone and anything, as long as it's related to trans and gender diverse topics in some way. Email us to submit a question, or use the contact form if you don't want to supply a name or email address.

Ignorance is welcome here! A lot of us have had to self-educate about trans and gender diverse issues, since they are not widely taught. Active malice will be ignored, or possibly posted with analysis and/or mockery.

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