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PSA: Anti-trans legislation

Things are extremely scary right now. There is a very real and extremely harmful spike in anti-trans legislation, from blocks to gender-affirming health care to Tennessee's drag ban (which several other states are attempting to implement). Considering there have been record-breaking numbers of anti-trans bills being introduced each year for the past four years, none of this looks to stop getting worse any time soon.

In addition to the obvious harm that this legislation does to individual trans and gender diverse people, one of the weirdest things can be feeling invisible--to not know if cis people are even aware that all this is happening, let alone care enough to try to do anything. So if you're feeling like that, please know that you are not alone. Also do what you need to in order to protect yourself--you are not obligated to ruin your mental health by trying to keep up with all the anti-trans legal violence being proposed and enacted.

Cis people: We need your support and flexibility and kindness; it's extremely difficult to do things like work when your brain is screaming and you're terrified for everyone in your community. Don't be weird about it; some trans and gender diverse people may want to talk about this, but some of us just need our lives to be a little easier right now. And we need you to contact your representatives.


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