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Can I put pronouns on my resume?

Updated: Mar 13

Question: I'd like to avoid being misgendered while I'm job hunting. Can I put my pronouns on my resume? What should that look like?

S: You can! This goes for anyone of any gender; you don't have to be trans or gender diverse to share your pronouns, and it's a good way to let people know how you'd like them to refer to you. There are a variety of options for formatting; I put my own with my name in the header of the document, like this:

S. Author (he/him/his)


S. Author

Pronouns: he/him/his

If you prefer not to share them, or aren't sure you want to in a professional environment, you certainly shouldn't feel obligated to. Workplace transphobia is still very common, so think about what you are comfortable and safe sharing–there is no shame in deciding to wait until you know more about the workplaces and individuals you'll be interacting with, and you can always share pronouns later if you prefer. Or not at all! Some people, including plenty of trans and gender diverse people, prefer not to share pronouns and should never be pressured to do so.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while supplying your pronouns like this should keep people from misgendering you, there are probably some who still will do that. So consider other options as well, such as sharing them verbally when you meet with people and/or wearing a pronoun button. Honestly, this probably still won't completely prevent misgendering, because a lot of people are still incredibly ignorant about how to talk to others politely. So here's some related advice for those doing the hiring: if your candidate gives their pronouns, use them correctly! It's terribly offensive not to (plus misgendering someone is not a great way to make them want to work with you). If people find this confusing or refuse to do it, then your workplace needs gender inclusion training.

K: Seconding everything said above! I can't really think of anything to add.

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